Porcini mushroom

Porcini mushroom

Welcome to the whimsical world of crochet, where even the humblest of ingredients can be transformed into enchanting creations.

Today, I invite you to embark on a delightful journey as I unveil the pattern for a charming Porcini mushroom amigurumi. Designed to add a touch of magic to children's play kitchens, this free crochet pattern promises endless hours of imaginative play and culinary adventures.

Join me as I bring this adorable woodland treasure to life, stitch by stitch.

Mushroom Amigurumi free crochet pattern


Why Crochet an Amigurumi Mushroom?

Crocheting an amigurumi mushroom brings whimsical charm to your crafting repertoire. Here's why you should give it a try:

Children's Toy Kitchen: Enhance playtime in the children's toy kitchen with adorable crocheted mushrooms. They make perfect ingredients for imaginative culinary adventures.

Home Decor: Incorporate amigurumi mushrooms into your home decor for a touch of woodland magic. Display them in a decorative bowl, scatter them on shelves, or use them as whimsical table centerpieces.

Fall Decoration: Embrace the cozy vibes of fall by incorporating crocheted mushrooms into your seasonal decor. They add a charming touch to autumnal displays, wreaths, and table settings.

Gifts: Handcrafted amigurumi mushrooms make thoughtful and unique gifts for friends and loved ones. Whether for a housewarming, birthday, or holiday, they're sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.



    Materials you need

    • Worsted Yarn. Colors:
    • Stem: Cream, Nude or White
    • Head: Brown
    • Crochet hook 2.5 mm
    • Stuffing
    • Stitch markers


    Crochet glossary

    sc single crochet stitch
    sl st slip stitch
    inc 2 stitches in the same stitch
    dec 2 stitches together
    R round
    mc magic circle



    Estimated Size: Approximately 7 cm (2.75 inches).


    Mushroom stem

    Color: Cream, Nude or White

    1 6 sc in mc (6)
    2 6 inc (12)
    3 (1 sc, 1 inc) x6 (18)
    4 - 6 (3 R) 18 sc (18)
    7 (1 sc, 1 dec) x6 (12)
    8 - 15 (8 R) 12 sc (12)
    16 12 inc (24)
    17 (1 sc, 1 inc) x12 (36)
    18 36 sc (36)


    Crochet 1 additional sl st.

    Cut yarn and secure.

    Stuff the stem.


    Mushroom hat

    Color: Brown

    1 6 sc in mc (6)
    2 6 inc (12)
    3 (1 sc, 1 inc) x6 (18)
    4 (1 sc, 1 inc, 1 sc) x6 (24)
    5 (3 sc, 1 inc) x6 (30)
    6 (2 sc, 1 inc, 2 sc) x6 (36)
    7 - 9 (3 R) 36 sc (36)


    Crochet the mushroom cap and stem together (going through both loops of each stitch with sc), leaving a 5 cm wide opening.

    Fill the mushroom cap with stuffing and close the opening by crocheting the remaining stitches together. Crochet the last stitch as sl st.

    Cut the yarn, secure and hide the tail end inside the item.



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