Baby Dragon Dahlia Stuffed Animal

Baby Dragon Dahlia Stuffed Animal

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Unleash Your Creativity: The Perfect Yarn for Your Next Crochet Project

Here at spreeberry, we know choosing the right yarn is crucial for a successful and enjoyable crochet experience.

Therefore, I've curated some yarn recommendations specifically for the patterns I offer. Let's explore some fantastic options to bring your crochet dreams to life!


Yarn examples for 5 bulky yarn

  • Go Handmade Happy Chunky fine
  • Go Handmade Bohème Velvet Double
  • Himalaya Dolphin Baby
  • Hobbii Honey Bunny
  • Hobbii Baby Snuggle Solid
  • Hobbi Turcan
  • YarnArt Dolce
  • Katia Bambi
  • Schachmayr Luxury Velvet
  • Bernat Velvet Yarn
  • Juicy Luxe Velour Sparkle Yarn
  • Premier Retro Velvet
  • Premiere BASIX® CHUNKY


Yarn examples for 6 super bulky yarn

  • Bernat Blanket
  • Premier Basix Chenille
  • Premier Parfait Chunky
  • Chenille Home Slim
  • Sweet Snuggles Lite
  • Alize Velluto



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About this crochet dragon pattern

This whimsical crochet pattern invites you to bring her gentle magic to life, stitch by magical stitch. Crafted with love and designed for intermediate crocheters, Dalia's soft scales shimmer in the sunlight, whispering tales of faraway lands. ☀️


What is special about this dragon plushie pattern?

  • Cute and timeless design with a Vintage twist.
  • Crafted with the safety of your little ones in mind:
    • security and emroidered eyes option
    • no holes or lose stitches
  • Litte details which makes all the difference like knees, horn trims, claws.
  • Two back ornament options:
    • classical spikes
    • ruffles
  • Pattern works with every color combination.


Why to crochet a dragon?

Dragon: Mythical creature associated with adventure, strength and courage

  • Mythical Guardian: A dragon embodies the spirit of a mythical guardian, offering a sense of security and courage for your little adventurer. ️
  • Sparkling Adventurer: With scales that shimmer like sunlight, a dragon inspires journeys of discovery and endless imaginative quests. ️
  • Whimsical Companion: A dragon’s gentle nature and playful spirit make her a cherished companion, ready to share snuggles and countless stories.



Varies depending on yarn, crochet hook and how tight or loose you crochet.

  • approx. 32 cm | 12'' with crochet hook 4mm
  • approx. 36 cm | 14" with crochet hook 5 mm


What you need


Chenille yarn (blanket yarn) | yarn weight: 5 bulky. Colors:

  • Main color: approx. 2 skeins a' 120 m ; 132 yards each
  • Spikes/Ruffles: approx. 20 m ; 25 yards
  • Claws: approx. 20 m ; 25 yards
  • Wings: approx. 10 m ; 13 yards
  • Horns: approx. 5 m ; 7 yards

8/4 cotton yarn; yarn size sport 2 fine
- Embroidered Eyes and nose: Black and White

Bear in mind that the needed yarn length depends on the choice of crochet hook and how tightly you crochet. The required yarn is therefore generously indicated and you may need less.



  • Crochet hook: 4 mm / G or 5 mm
  • Polyester toy stuffing
  • Safety eyes with color(s) of your choice: 8 mm or 10 mm(I used 10 mm)
  • Stitch marker
  • Tapestry needle
  • Long pins


Level of difficulty


Tailored for intermediate crocheters, this pattern offers a delightful challenge and an opportunity to enhance your crochet skills.

Feel comfortable or willing to learn (crochet school included):

  • crocheting multiple pieces
  • crocheting with chenille yarn
  • do not mind sewing